Take back control of your personal data.

We're changing the way personal information should be managed on third party sites.
Enter a world where you can instantly log in and securely synchronize your data to 1 or 1000 sites.

Personal vault

Store all your personal information securely and manage what third-party sites have access to

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Instant synchronization

Add or update any information and get them pushed instantly to all approved sites

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One-click login

Safely connect to partner sites without ever needing a password again. No hurdle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's build trust, together.

Say goodbye to time-consuming account updates on hundred of sites when you wish to add a new e-mail address or phone number. Synchronize all your personal information instantly and take advantage of our one-click login on third party sites. You'll never have to remember a password again.
If you wish to have granular control over your personal information and if you don't want to spend hours trying to keep your account details accurate across sites or remember passwords, then datasola is for you. Your privacy and peace of mind is our top priority.
You know the famous "if something is free, you are the product." - Your data is most often used commercially by multinational companies without you even knowing about it. We think this is not acceptable and have built the system we've always dreamed of. Your privacy and security is our #1 priority.
datasola has been built to respect your privacy and has implemented the highest security standards. We have a zero-knowledge policy, which means your data is always encrypted, even to us. Communication with third party sites happens securely over HTTPS and is encrypted from end-to-end through a VPN.
There's none! Our business model is simple: free for individual users, paid for companies leveraging our service. If in the future we implement paid features, that would be for power users only. Rest assured that the bulk of what you love with datasola is meant to stay free forever. Oh, and we will never ever sell your data.
We're currently testing our REST API. If you want to enter the private beta, please get in touch. If you wish to leverage datasola for an Open Source community, we're thrilled to confirm the service will be free, forever!